Together with my cousins and friends, I first became involved with the Siberian Breed in 1999. My original intent was to have a good dog kennel and enter my dogs into conformation shows. After 4 years with Siberian Huskies and participating in Thai dog shows, I established SPARTA Siberians in 2003. My reaffirmed goal is to create a great dog kennel that would improve the quality of the Siberian Huskies in my country so that we have the correct type of breed standard.

I'm also an all breed professional handler :) I love to participate with the dog in every stage such as nursery, socialization, training and showing them... how lucky me Thank you very much to my grandma :) your love lead me to the job I love.

and I'm approved to be a KCTH judge in Siberian Husky breed since 2010 :

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